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We invite the effect we have made in the music business. Not only in the PR field but the influence we have made in the entertainment industry. Working with both independent and underground artists as well as established artists and actors, R&P has seen both ends of the spectrum, intertwined them, and developed a new skill set. We not only organized the most worthwhile events, but also the best ones. Including Harlem Fashion Week, the Bet Awards, New York Fashion Week, and many others.

Our Main Focus-

Were currently trending and would like to rank at the top the ranks. Our Prime focus is on becoming more investable, focusing on believability and being measurable. As we mark our eleventh year as a notable agency, were also focusing on advancement, investments, technology, higher income, advertisement, awards and inner dependence as we increase awareness. We emphasize the significance of Public Relations, Marketing, Management Sponsorship, Casting, Digital Marketing, Brand Activation's, Brand Development, Influencer reports, Web Documents, Brand Awareness, and Consumer relations. R&P Entertainment Agency L.L.C. is to be the leading provider of PR services.


We have impacted reality TV on a worldwide scale, but we will keep moving in the same path while identifying new prospects. We are open to the prospect of serving international organizations and businesses. R&P has previously focused on individual PR but will focus towards the highest level or marketing. Becoming a Multi Million Company is a goal and something that we also believe is achievable. The vision is to take over PR field in the U.S. till we are the main stream PR Company in a global setting.

How our services will upgrade-

The Upgrade will benefit the company, our clients and the business industry tremendously. We believe demo-graphical marketing is key but worldwide marketing is the route we are stirring in. Our digital and online presence will continue to grow and brand automatically. Our programs will also enhance especially for our influencers. Not only will we build their brands, but also continue with a daily influencer target. Being Creative, hardworking, Professional and responsible are key factors on also finding clients media targets. While privatizing our exclusivity we then will prioritize on higher level events, bigger partnerships/collaborations, and stronger media relations.


When it comes to be strategical, we will do everything possible to expand human potential. We will do that by creating groundbreaking brand activations, World Wide press releases, Main stream media logistics, community engagement, and becoming the influence. By following these steps, we believe our client’s brands will become more sustainable. Once we start overworking but yet spending less time working we will then find our place in the entertainment Public Relations list. The Two- Way Asymmetric and two Way symmetric models are essential and we will execute exponentially.

Building Brand Likability-

People like to do business with people and not businesses. The more “you” you show, the more likable your brand will become. The likability of R&P Entertainment Agency is increasing as a result its kindness, generosity, reliability, and professionalism. We will provide our audience the "feeling of an insider" by giving them access to the behind-the-scenes action. We have developed a brand that, in the midst of cheaper brands and more expensive brands, makes everyone feel at ease while yet making them feel like stars. R&P will keep showcasing our mission, principles, and compassion. The more special we’ve made our clients feel, the more they have rewarded us with their loyalty. Building a relationship, trust and a safe space are essential

Brand Development and Brand Clearness-

Branding is our most valuable asset for talent and PR firms. Building a stronger brand that continues to grow and develop is difficult but achievable. Building and having a good reputation is part of brand clearness and branding. Not only reputation but a healthy, understandable visibility. As a brand it’s imperative to cater to it, invest in it and more importantly protect it.




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